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An exercise to explore school improvement

1. Consider this list of "changes" that one might make as a teacher in order to improve one's effectiveness: "write a new course", " read about and implement a different approach to marking homework ", " change one's beliefs about the potential of one's students", "reflect on the language one uses with students, consider the extent to which it empowers or belittles them, and make changes", " go to a sharing-good-practice session and implement something from the session in your classroom", "invite a colleague to observe a lesson and give you feedback about your 'way of being' with the students", " flip your classroom", "reflect on your body language in the classroom and improve it"... 2. Add some more to the list yourself. 3. Write each of the "changes" on post-it notes, and give each a mark out of ten for the potential they have to improve outcomes for learners in