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Yet Another Post About Growth Mindset

We want to promote growth mindsets in the North Berwick High School community. If you haven't heard of growth mindsets, this video  by Carol Dweck (who developed the concept) explains it well. Here's how I picture the virtuous cycle of beliefs in a growth-mindset relationship between a student and her teacher: Image by IntelFreePress Mindset is not magic, as Nick Rose explains so clearly here . Effective learning relies on us getting many other things right: curriculum structures; excellent course and lesson plans; strong positive relationships with students and parents; teachers with sound content knowledge, high expectations and excellent pedagogical skills; communities that value learning... the list could fill a book. But it is clear from the research that growth mindset interventions do have the potential to make a positive difference. I believe that psychologically informed approaches to school improvement will gain traction in the coming years, and that growth min