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More Constructivism

There's another aspect to my growing sense that Constructivism is a powerful lens through which to view learning:  it has changed the way that I interpret misunderstandings.  Whereas I was sometimes guilty in the past of just thinking "they haven't got it yet" when a pupil gave a wrong answer, I now try very hard to figure out where the wrong answer came from, in the sense that I am thinking "what model of this concept have they constructed that would lead them to give this answer?" To give an example, I was working yesterday with a group of S1 pupils who were trying to master the ordering of decimals to two decimal places.  To be honest, they were really just trying to grasp the concept of decimal fractions, and ordering was the aspect we happened to be looking at. I was using the decimal darts described here, and we were trying to compare 0.32 and 0.5 I asked them to write the bigger number on their show me boards.  Joe [not his real name!] wrote 0.32