Video Feedback

I have been using my mobile phone to record video feedbacks for homeworks this session. I post them as unlisted videos on Youtube and give the link to the pupils.

I expect all my pupils to attempt corrections once I have given them feedback on their formal homeworks, so I need the feedback to be good quality.  I have used two models:  individual feedback based on the pupil's own homework, and general feedback for the whole class.  The latter is obviously quicker, and is probably sufficient if the same errors are cropping up in most of the homeworks.

Here's why I'm using videos for feedback:

  • Verbal feedback is much richer than a few scribbled words and symbols in a jotter;
  • I find it easier to give verbal feedback than to try and express myself in writing in a pupil's jotter;
  • I do not have time to give verbal feedback to all pupils during class time. I do have time to record a wee video as I mark each piece of homework*;
  • Video feedbacks are available to pupils as they are attempting corrections at home, whereas verbal feedback given in class is a distant memory;
  • I can see whether or not a pupil has accessed the video on Youtube, whereas I have no idea whether or not a pupil has bothered to read my written feedback.
Here are examples of the two models:

Personal Feedback Video

General Feedback Video for the Whole Class

Here's the process, using an Android smartphone:
  1. Make sure that you have a Youtube account 9I think you just log in using your Google account).
  2. Record the video!  I have thought about buying a tripod, but I quite like the Blair Witch style.
  3. Select the video in your gallery, and choose "share" then "Youtube".
  4. Fill in the details that appear, making sure that you choose "unlisted", then wait for the upload to finish.
  5. Visit your Youtube account and grab the URL of the video, so that you can share it with your pupils.
Feedback from pupils has been very positive.  The proportion of homeworks coming back with corrections has increased dramatically.  It probably also helps that I have been writing positive referrals for pupils who take time to do their corrections well!

Maybe you're thinking "I don't have time for that!".  Maybe not.  But remember, any time you spend marking homework is wasted time unless pupils act upon the feedback you give them.

* I do not do this for every piece of homework I issue.  Only those formal homeworks which I am taking in to mark.


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