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Get Connected For The Win!

Curriculum for Excellence clearly  demands a richer, deeper assessment of learning than can be delivered by giving a percentage mark on a written test. I have been exploring the implications of this fact over the last few years, as we all have in Scottish education.  This post isn't really about the issue of assessment under Curriculum for Excellence, though.  It is about the way that being a Connected Teacher has facilitated my exploration. Last week, I came across a review "Evidence Based Teaching" by Geoff Petty in my Google Plus stream.  I follow hundreds of maths teachers on Google Plus (very few of them from the UK yet) and they provide me with a rich stream of new ideas about maths education. I bought Geoff Petty's book, and was very interested in the potential of  Biggs's SOLO Taxonomy as a framework to assess learning in mathematics more meaningfully. I searched on Google, but couldn't find anything specifically relating to the use of the SOLO taxono

Decimals Revisited

I recently posted on Google Plus about a lesson using a new resource to help pupils to improve their understanding of the decimal system.  Read it here .