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Alps Summer 2010 Part 1

School broke up for Summer on Thursday afternoon, and on Friday morning I was on a plane to Geneva with Alan.  We took a train then a bus to Saas Fee, and arrived in sweltering heat about 6 pm, to see this inspiring view. Saas Fee is completely car-free, so we had to haul our luggage across the village and up the hill behind the church to reach our apartment.  We managed to get lost on the way (which did not bode well!) but eventually we found the right block, and were warmly welcomed by the owners of our apartment. I had planned a full day of acclimatisation activities for the Saturday morning, but Friday was Alan's birthday, and he was in the mood for a few drinks! After a vague attempt to encourage moderation, I surrendered to the inevitable and joined him in a round of cocktails, then another... Some time around 10.30am, we declared that Saturday would be an "orientation day".  We wandered around, picked up some supplies and pulled ourselves together.  We decided to b