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More ideas from Teachers' TV

My S3 credit class have just finished the straight line topic, so today I used the activity from this teacher's tv video as an end-of-topic assessment.  I expect this will be familiar to many maths teachers - our probationer used it during one of her student placements last year. I put the class into groups of two and threes, handed them out the envelopes and said "this is an assessment activity - show me what you have learned in this topic". The pupils struggled initially with the open nature of the task.  Several asked "what are we supposed to do?" to which I replied "show me what you have learned about straight lines."  "This is weird" said one of the pupils! I did not say that they had to make a poster, but the resources to do so were available unobtrusively at the front of the room.  Once one group asked if they could make a poster, and I said that they could if they wanted, the idea took off across the room and they all ended up doing