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Another Magic Moment

Sometimes we just don't know the effect we have on youngsters. On Monday I was sitting in the maths base at break time chatting to my colleagues when a sheepish face appeared at the door.  It was boy A (who appeared in a previous magic moment ), a pupil of mine last session. When he arrived at high school two years ago there were serious questions about whether he would cope in mainstream secondary education, and he has struggled at times. "Erm, I'm wanting to speak to Mr Jones" he mumbled, so I went out into the corridor to see him.  He asked me if I remembered showing Google Sketchup to him and his classmates last year (I did).  He told me that he had been playing with it, and wondered if I would like to see the models he had created. I said yes, of course, and he said he would bring them in. At lunchtime today he turned up with a heavy bag over his shoulder.  He unloaded his old laptop and proceeded to show me his work.  He has made a brilliant model of an Xbox con