Let's Work Together

As maths departments across the country consider how to deliver a Curriculum for Excellence, we are all looking at potentially useful resources on the Web.

Let's not do that job hundreds of times over in isolation. Let's do it together in a way that enables us to build on each other's discoveries, and refine our judgements about which resources really help to deliver excellence.

Staff at Angus Council have done a power of work to list resources for each outcome in the maths and numeracy documents. But at present this list is only available within Glow, and is in a static format.

At North Berwick High School, we began transferring all our lists of hyperlinks to http://www.delicious.com some time ago, at http://www.delicious.com/tag/nbhsmaths and today I discovered a much more extensive collection at http://delicious.com/renfrewshiremaths, which tags every link with the code for a specific outcome.

From now on we will be using the same tags for maths links when I add them to delicious, and I would encourage any other maths teachers in Scotland to do the same. I'm not sure yet whether or not the RenfrewshireMaths collection includes the Angus Council lists. If not, I'll start adding them this weekend.


  1. Yes, most of the Angus links are on http://delicious.com/RenfrewshireMaths plus lots more. If you would like a website added just email me at sronnie906@kirklandneuk.renfrewshire.sch.uk or if you have a delicous account just add the tag for:renfrewshiremaths when saving a website to your own delicious.

  2. Hi Susan - I'd rather hoped that the person behind RenfrewshireMaths would notice this post, so that I could congratulate them for the brilliant idea - well done :-)

    It has been in my mind that more should be done with the Angus links, so I can't tell you how delighted I am to see that you have already done it!

  3. Hi Robert! I think using delicious is a great idea. I wish there was an equivalent I could use to organise my offline files!

    I welcome sharing ideas and resources as there is undoubtedly a lot of good work going on all round the country that needs to be shared!

    I am currently on two CfE working groups for our council, one for numeracy and one for maths. Our initial remits included 'unpacking' (yeuch) the outcomes which started as an exercise in listing web resources for each outcome.

    I'm not convinced that this is what we should be focusing on. Between the vagueness of the outcomes and 'unpacking' exercises I think that there is too much time being spent on the what and not the how.

    What I want help with is looking at different learning and teaching approaches - particularly active learning; develop ways to effectively embed numeracy across the curriculum and embed literacy, HWB, etc in our curriculum; ideas on enriching the maths experience, etc, etc.

    There are many websites that give lists of links to resources for various topics/levels in maths but what is more in need IMHO are IDEAS and STRATEGIES that over-arch the outcomes.

    P.S. Congratulations on PT!!

  4. I agree Michael. But if we are going to find and use web resources, we might as well share the fruits of that effort.

    Isn't "unpacking" just a euphemism for "putting in the detail that should have been in there in the first place"?

    I want all the stuff you are looking for too, and agree that it is far more important than list of resources. I don't necessarily see it coming outcome by outcome. I'd like advice on generic strategies and approaches as well as specific ideas for how we might teach [clusters of?] outcomes.

    Thanks - I'm looking forward to starting for real in August.

  5. Robert, I had a similar idea: http://www.mrstucke.com/2009/01/25/sharing-reso... , I have tagged many many maths links and resources with 'msow' (stood for 'maths scheme of work'), a few others have joined in (http://delicious.com/tag/msow).

    I think bulk tagging is possible so I could add nbhsmaths to all the old ones if you want?



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