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Virtual Book Club

David Muir has picked up Ewan Macintosh 's suggestion that it might be fun to do a virtual book club for those interested in education. I've signed up - add a comment to David's blog post if you fancy it :-)

And We're Back...

The Summer holiday seems million years ago.  I always forget from year to year just how challenging, exhausting, rewarding, exciting and stressful the return to school can be.  I have a busy year ahead, with  advanced higher, higher and credit classes, along some classes with some very challenging characters in them.  With each class I have relationships to build, routines to establish and ideas to try out. Before I came into teaching, I worked for a few years in an insurance company doing actuarial calculations for pension schemes - I job I fell into.  The work exercised  my mind, but that was all, and I hoped that as a teacher I would be able to bring more of myself into my work.  I got everything I hoped for and more!  My first teaching practices were the most challenging things I have ever done in my life. The great thing about teaching is that whilst it gets easier over the years, it never becomes routine.  Each new year brings a fresh set of challenges.  Thank goodness we have 6