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K12 Online Call for Proposals

K12 Online is an online conference "for educators around the world interested in the use of web 2.0 tools in classrooms and professional practice". The conference consists of a series of presentations - videos, slideshows, audio etc, and the call for proposals for this year's event has just been posted. It would be great to have a strong Scottish representation, so go ahead and send in a proposal - I'm full of good intentions but only time will tell whether or not I actually put something together. More details can be found on Darren Kuropatwa's Blog

Crewing an RS400

This season I'm crewing for John Hookway in his RS400 dinghy. This is what we might look like on a good day: [youtube][/youtube] I only started sailing last year, so I have a lot to learn! I'll try to share some of the thing I pick up along the way. The first thing that has become painfully apparent to me is that you need to be fit - in particular to have good core strength, as you spend a lot of time hiking: Photo by dinghyman So far, it seems that my main tasks are: Acting as ballast - moving around to keep the boat level in the water. Tacking and jibing Keeping the jib trimmed correctly Hoisting and dropping the spinnaker, and flying it when it's up Adjusting the outhaul - tight for upwind travel and slack for reaches. Keeping an eye open for stuff that the helm might have missed. I'm not particularly good at any of these yet, but at least I've got some things to work on!  John is a patient teacher, and we w