Great Teachers

Two things brought this post into being - a conversation with my son, and a mandolin lesson.

The conversation with my son began with his declaration that he really likes art. I expressed my delight, especially since he had been much less enthusiastic at the start of the year. Through talking to him it became apparent to me that the change of heart is largely attributable to his teacher, Sheila Calder. My son used to be very anxious about getting art work "right", but she has really helped him to relax and enjoy the process. My son said "You know how some teachers say 'this is the way you have to do it'? Mrs Calder says that one of the things she likes about art is that it can be any way you want it to be."

Thank you Sheila :-)

My mandolin teacher is Andrew Brown. Tonight's lesson was the first for over a month, as we have been away and prior to that my son had been pinching my lessons to do guitar with Andrew.

Andrew is hugely enthusiastic about music, and his enthusiasm is highly infectious. Before the lesson began I was considering letting my son take the lesson again, because I was feeling rather flat about my progress on the mandolin. By the end of the lesson I was feeling both positive about how much I have learned and fired up about the next steps.

Thank you Andrew :-)


  1. Great to hear you're both progressing and enjoying it.

    There are "busker's nights" at the Crown in East Linton on a Thursday night when you're ready to flex those musical muscles in public.


  2. Interesting Alastair. What kind of performers normally get up and play?

  3. This website on great teachers, about teacher, the late, Orhan Seyfi Ari, may be inspirational...


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