ScotEduBlogs has a new home

I make no apologies for the self-congratulatory tone of this post - the ScotEduBlogs service has a new home, thanks to some funding from Learning and Teaching Scotland  and the Scottish Qualifications Authority, and I'm chuffed to bits. :-)

John did all the leg-work that lead to this funding, so big thanks to him.

Externally, nothing looks different, apart from the appearance of LTS and SQA logos on the front page, but the site is now running on its own dedicated server.  This provides us with much greater confidence in the stability of the service, and some room to expand the facilities on offer.

This funding and the kind comments from  Joe at SQA mean a lot to me personally.  John, Peter and I have put a lot of our own time into this project, and I'm proud of what we have produced together - we delivered all the functionality we promised and more, in a very short timespan.  This is pretty rare for an IT project!

In the early days there was a somewhat mixed response to our plans, with questions about our motivations, and a vibe that maybe we should leave this stuff to the professionals at LTS,  so it has been very gratifying to see the big institutions in Scottish education now officially recognising the worth of

If you're wondering what exactly is, read John's post, which explains it all superbly.


  1. I'd never say anyone in this space is particularly expert, since the milieu changes so often. Full-time amateurs, perhaps ;-)

  2. Who mentioned experts? I did use the word "professional" meaning "paid to perform a task" unlike Pete, John or myself who produced ScotEduBlogs without being paid a penny :-)


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