My Kind of Quiz

I take part in a weekly email quiz.  It's very informal, running simply using a "reply to all" mailing list, with the winner setting the next week's quiz.  I often come last, whilst my wife often wins.

I can't understand why I do so badly - I know loads of stuff! I guess I do badly because the stuff I know is mostly obscure and/or technical.

Here's a case in point:  I noticed whilst browsing the BBC radio site that there's a program about William S Burroughs coming up soon.  The tagline is "Nothing is true, everything is permitted."  I don't suppose many folk would recognise this quote, but it jumped off the page at me - I know who is supposed to have said it first, and could write a small essay about its influence.  If this comes up in the weekly quiz then I'm laughing :-)

[I know the quote as "nothing is real, everything is permitted"]


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