Time for a new FreeMIS release?

I was rather shocked this evening when I realised that the last official release of FreeMIS was in June 2006!  This release has been downloaded over 3000 times, but I have done quite a bit of work on the application since then, so I really ought to put together a  more up-to-date package.

It's now officially on my to-do list!  Anyone impatient for the latest code can always download it from the subversion repository :)


  1. hi jone,

    i'm one of those who downloaded your freemis. i have successfully installed the software and followed all your instructions but when i type "freemis" on my firefox browser, is the web page of wamp5 and when i click the folder instantrails, i dont see the freemis log-in. as you see, i have installed wamp5 in my computer. hope you will take time to answer my question.

  2. Hi Dexter. I'll definitely look into this for you, but I'm in the middle of a high school musical, so it probably won't be until the beginning of next week.

  3. hi , i checkout the the trunk from the svn. I found the database.yml missing so created one and migrated Db and started the app. But it throws me errors. i couldnt login. What is the admin password?
    How soon will be the release?

  4. Hi Venkat. If you download the latest release, it has a db.sql file which should give you an "admin" user with password "teacher".

    I am in the process of updating FreeMIS to work with Rails 2.2 - once I've done that I will definitely put out a new release, but realistically it could be next March before that happens.

  5. Hi Jonesieboy,
    I took the liberty of packing your latest source code into a Git repository and posting it on github.com
    It can now be downloaded from:

  6. Not a liberty at all - you are free to do whatever you want with the source code as long as it complies with the GPL license :-)

    Are you planning to fork the project, or just providing another means for people to grab a snapshot?

  7. Yes, the plan is to use ROR to build a complete student information system that integrates with Moodle and Sakai, using ideas from Freemis, Rubycampus and a project that I have been working on called Rubygrade.
    Should anyone be interested in collaboration, I have set up preliminary project pages at:

  8. Cool! Good luck with this project - please ask if there's anything in the FreeMIS code that doesn't make sense. I'll bash on with my usual painfully slow work on FreeMIS - you can always merge my new stuff into your work.


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