Running Windows Software on Eee PC using Wine

If you really need to run a bit of windows software, then sometimes a nifty project called WINE can come to the rescue.  WINE allows Windows software to run on a Linux operating system.  It doesn't always work, and obviously space is limited on the Eee PC's memory, but it can be done.  Here's a screenshot of Graph (GPL Software, in case the IT boys were wondering) running using WINE:Graph


  1. Also, Wine is important because it gives vendors a way to do quick, cheap Linux ports.

  2. Good point Tom. The Linux version of Picasa that I installed on the Eee pc had a Wine directory if I remember correctly.

  3. Hi Robert,
    i've found ies4osx a useful tool for checking html on IE from my mac, runs on darwine and is based on ies4linux.
    I hope to see an Eee next week at teachMeet.


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