Glow Mentor Training

Today I had my first day of training as a Glow mentor.  I've seen the portal before, but things have progressed over the last few months and it was useful to see what is possible now.

RSS feeds and widgets can now be inserted easily into pages, which is very cool.

My job over the next wee while will be to educate other teachers (and pupils?) about Glow, and to lead by example in putting it to effective use in the learning and teaching process.  Whilst this is a daunting prospect, I'm looking forward to taking on such a positive role - it's all too easy to slip into the usual teacherly pass-time of moaning and criticising!


  1. I'm kinda jealous of this. England's piecemeal approach to VLEs is not as impressive. In Manc we are all being pressured into going with the VLE from the company that all tech support has been outsourced too, unfortunately it is one of the most pathetic pieces of software I have ever seen. I hope our school strikes out on its own and gets a decent one.

  2. Glow has got it right in many respects: web-based, multi-platform and with open standards for authentication. Fingers crossed that this is the huge IT project that bucks the trend :-)

  3. Glad you enjoyed the two days Robert! I know we as a team certainly enjoyed working with you all.

    Mentoring is a daunting role, but rest assured you have the support network of your Glow Mentor colleagues in ELC and the wider support of the national Glow team :-)

  4. Finally catching up with my aggregator.

    Looking forward to working with you on this project Jonsie!

    Shall we try a VC next week?


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