Doings maths on an Eee PC

My feeling is that the Eee PC needs a touch screen to be the perfect 1-1 device. The chat online is that this is coming soon, for very little extra money, so I've been exploring how we migh use it, with the help of my wee Volito graphics tablet.

I installed the excellent open source xournal and plugged in the tablet. The Eee recognised the tablet immediately, and I rattled off a quick quadratic equation. Xournal can export to pdf, so you can see that here or just look at the screenshot (click on the screenshot for full size image):



  1. very cool. I have been trying to install xournal on my eeepc runnng default xandros. how did you get it to work?


  2. Hi Philwil. I'm afraid I can't give you exact details, as I don't have the Eepc any more. I think I started by replacing the asus repositories with regular xandros ones:
    Adding more software from a Xandros or Debian repository is the next logical step in customising the operating system that ships with the Eee. For us, the Eee requires only the addition of Emacs and Subversion to be a great portable hacking tool. You can use any Debian Sarge repository or a Xandros 4.0 one, as shown below. There are a few caveats though. As the Xandros running on the Eee is heavily customised by ASUS, it's very easy to end up with the Eee in an unbootable state if you allow apt to upgrade too much. Although it's not a complete solution, apt pinning can be used to ensure that the ASUS repository always takes priority for a package.

    Add your repository to /etc/apt/source.list with your favourite text editor as root, either your local Debian Sarge repository or the Xandros one below:

    deb xandros4.0-xn main
    ↪contrib non-free

    Then, create the file /etc/apt/preferences, and add the lines:

    Package: *
    Pin: origin
    Pin-Priority: 999

    Then I think it was as easy as sudo apt-get install xournal - let me know if that works :-)


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