This morning I received by invitation to the beta phase of is supposed to pull together all your different online activities into one place - I'm writing this blog post from within, and I just posted to twitter from here too.

There's lots more to - openID integration, cool attention stuff, rss reading and so on.  I'll post some more once I've played around


  1. Hi! I got my invite today as well... but have messed up the search for my blog and so forth... It searched Technorati for Neil Winton rather than nwinton, so it's not found all of my online references/existences...

    Have you found anyway of resetting it/starting from fresh?

  2. Not sure how to start from scratch, but you could go into the "build you lifestream" and add/remove feeds, including the technorati searches etc.

  3. Please, could you invite me to

    Thank you very much

    Alexandre Brendim


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