Guitar Hero or Guitar Player?

I posted a somewhat curmudgeonly comment on Derek's Hotmilkydrink back in October, to the effect that time spent playing Guitar Hero would be better spent learning to play the guitar.  As usual, someone else has said it better:


  1. Can I counterpoint that with the help of the always-hilarious xkcd?

  2. I stumbled across your blog while looking for IT professionals with an interest in open source and Linux. I don’t know if you have seen Computerworld UK and its new Open Source Zone.

    If not, please take a look. I think we have got it off to a good start but we want to develop it with end user stories, general open source news and blogs.

    We have got Glyn Moody blogging for us. He is a longstanding commentator on the open source scene. You may have read his Rebel Code book on the birth of Linux, which came out a few years ago.

    I'm also musing on developing an IT in education site. Don't know what you'd htink of that.

    Any ideas gratefully received.

    Mike Simons
    Editor, Computerworld UK


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