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I've been playing with the data from Scotedublogs (I can provide this data in its raw detail, if anyone wants it!). Clearly we do not have every edublog in Scotland in the system, but I thought this visualization was interesting:


  1. This is fascinating stuff! I would have put EL as the largest blogging authority... yet A&B takes the prize.

    I think it's a bit disappointing about the number of authorities who don't have any active bloggers at the moment, but this will hopefully change soon.

    Thanks for this!

  2. Very interesting viewing. Do you mind if I take a copy for my EdD research?

  3. Hi Neil, David. As I said, this data is just showing which blogs are registered in scotedublogs. I'm sure there are more out there.

    I think the data does show East Lothian as the most actively blogging authority - 50 of the A&B blogs only have two posts, written over 6 months ago. Or maybe it just shows that more folk in East Lothian know about Scotedublogs! One must be very careful about reading too much into statistics.

    David - you are welcome to the data. I'll be putting more of it out as format it properly, and can email you the full raw data if you want.

  4. Hi Robert,
    I agree about reading stats, but he more data the better.
    is also interesting, although I often forget to check it. There is a nice teachmeet sett peak in the daily post graph. The out of school hours posts still outnumber the ones made during the school day, which surprises me, I though we would see pupil blogging creating a daytime bulge.

  5. Quite right John, as long as we provide a clear context and explanation of exactly what the data is and how it has been gathered. I think we should try to put more into the stats page. I'd like to be able to select time periods for all the stats we have and... but that's really a discussion for the developer's group I guess :)

    Should anyone wish to grab everything that is in Scotedublogs - it's here (right click and save target) but it won't be of any use to you unless you know something about SQL.

  6. Hi Robert
    I like the table, very interesting reading, especially as out of the 6 blogs listed for Aberdeenshire I set up 5 of them!

  7. Hi Adam. Do you think that Scotedublogs is missing lots of blogs in Aberdeenshire, or are there really only 6?


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