OLPC - is anyone preparing?

I was at an International Education meeting today, and as I sat listening to the speakers, it struck me that we are about to have millions of children in the developing world arriving online, via the OLPC project.

This represents an enormous opportunity to forge international links, but I haven't heard anyone talking about it. I suspect that outside the Slashdot reading nerdosphere that I inhabit, most teachers have never even heard of OLPC.

We should be planning now, so that when these youngsters emerge online we are ready to welcome them.


  1. Excellent :) Your OLPC news is a great place for information about the project.

  2. At the moment I'm badgering away trying to get the US-only deal on Buy One Get Two For Someone Else available to those with Scottish addresses. Watch this space...

  3. There's a huge clamour online for the Get 1 Give 1 scheme to be extended worldwide. I've added my voice too. It's surely just a matter of time.


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