Music Camp

At the last minute, I was asked to join the school music camp in Biggar.  Getting organised  in a hurry was a bit frantic, but I am so glad that I got the opportunity.   Someone said that happiness comes not from having things, but from being part of things, and my experience at music camp reaffirmed this for me.  It was a wonderful experience!  I was humbled by the talent of the youngsters,the music teachers and the instructors, and felt very privileged to have the chance to play along with them.

I'm too exhausted to describe it properly, but I'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone involved for making it such a great couple of days.


  1. Hi Robert,

    It was good to have you there. Thanks also for showing me the Glen Bay Pipe. As a return favour, I've sent pdfs of the Kesh Jig (mandolin notation with tab) in the keys of A, D, E, & G to your NBHS address. Enjoy your holiday!

  2. Thanks Alan :) You enjoy yours too.


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