The Stories We Can't Tell

Young people often amaze me. Every week I come across new stories that could make you cry, and stories that could fill you with hope for the future, but I can't tell any of these stories, because they belong to the private lives of the young people involved.

An incident today brought home to me the astonishing resilience of the human spirit in the face of appalling circumstances. One of the joys of teaching is that we sometimes earn enough trust from young people to allow them to share some of their highs and lows with us.


  1. Joe, love the title to this story. I think we have tons of these stories...why not tell them but anonymize them?

    Great to chat with you at Teachmeet!


  2. Hi Miguel!

    I could definitely do that with some old ones. With new stories, it would probably be too obvious to locals who I was talking about.


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