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Connected Live Blog

Just in case you've been hiding under a rock for the last couple of weeks, I'd like to draw your attention to the new Connected Live blog .  It's being written by a collection of the brightest and best from the world of Scottish educational blogging, and has been churning out a series of interesting podcasts alongside the great articles.  Definitely worth a read :)

A radio 4 show about cyber-bullying this week is a three part show on radio 4 this week: Penny Marshall investigates the rise in cyber bullying - a new manifestation of bullying, where victims are targeted online and via their mobile phones. She looks at the impact it has on those affected by it, speaks to key industry figures about what is being done - and asks, is it enough? The third episode looks at what schools are doing and what they should be doing.

Snow on the 'Gorm

One's mind turns towards winter pursuits...

My Favourite Albums

Pure nostalgia - here's an imperfect list of my favourite albums since I began listening back in the late '70s.

The Stories We Can't Tell

Young people often amaze me. Every week I come across new stories that could make you cry, and stories that could fill you with hope for the future, but I can't tell any of these stories, because they belong to the private lives of the young people involved. An incident today brought home to me the astonishing resilience of the human spirit in the face of appalling circumstances. One of the joys of teaching is that we sometimes earn enough trust from young people to allow them to share some of their highs and lows with us.

School Filtering blocks an entire TLD!

All school Internet access is crippled these days. Ours here in East Lothian is crippled with Websense . I discovered today that the entire .ru TLD is blocked! Yep - any web site that end .ru is blocked! I know why - Russian domains are notorious for running malicious code and hosting dodgy stuff, but isn't it a bit over the top that we can't access ? [UPDATE] Dan from WebSense has been in touch to point out that it is not WebSense that is blocking everything from Russia - our local configuration is doing that.  I've changed the title of this post to more accurately reflect the situation.  And no, in case your wondering, Dan didn't get all "you'll be hearing from my lawyers" on me - the only communication I've had from him is the comment below :) This post seems to have caused lots of hassle all 'round, one way and another.  As usual, I didn't mean it to!

How to prevent a boat from falling on your foot

Don't try to go sailing in a force 6.  If you must, simply ensure that the ropes attached to the sails (sailors refer to these ropes as "sheets") are not held in place ("cleated") when you pick up the trolley upon which the boat is resting and turn it so that the wind is blowing across the side of the boat. Obvious really - in hindsight :(