This morning we were supposed to turn off our computers, as the school link to Haddington was getting switched to a broader pipe - "you'll get to the bottleneck quicker" Alan C joked!  I ignored this request, but unplugged by machine from the network.  Call me arrogant if you will, but it made no sense to me that I had to have my desktop machine switched off even if it wasn't connected to the network in any way, so I kept it on.

This meant that I found myself working on a computer without access to the Internet.  I rarely travel with a laptop, so Internet-free computing is something I have not experienced for years.  It was very strange!  The inner dialogue was something like: dum dee dum - OK, I'll just - Oh, no, I can't check that.  Right, I'll do this instead - this is going fine. Ah - I wonder if - oh no, I can't check that.  Hmm - OK, here's something I can do without the Internet.  The work I did on some Geogebra files was productive in the end, but it felt very odd indeed to be without the Web at my fingertips.


  1. When I first started working all over the joint instead of being in one, relatively steady place, I found myself writing lists of things I could do offline when I was on the train (with laptop) on the bus (with iPod and phone) or stuck for ten minutes in between appointments or waiting for said bus or train. Now I've got a good idea before I step out the door what I need to get done in each place but it doesn't stop being webless being a really strange sensation!

  2. You sound scarily organized Ewan :)

    It is weird isn't it? It made me realise how much I use my connectedness without even thinking about it.

  3. It might seem scarily organised but something tells me that this August 6th, or there abouts, I'm going to need to up my efforts even more ;-)

  4. LOL - indeed, or just do what I did and surrender to the chaos :)


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