Going out for the Summer

This may be the last post until mid-August.  On the other hand I may get bored and do loads of blogging over the Summer holidays.  Either way, we break up on Friday, and I've really enjoyed my first year of blogging - thanks for reading, commenting and being there :)


  1. ...and thank you - your blog is great! Have a great summer. OB

  2. Have a great holiday. I never quite made it round to see the interactive white board in action - perhaps this Tue as a few pupils are out on trips? I've enjoyed reading your contributionsand. Cheers, Alan

  3. Cheers Ollie - you have a good one too.

    Always welcome Alan :)

  4. Have a great holiday. I'm not bitter that you have seven weeks off!

  5. LOL - cheers Gordon. You stuck in work over the Summer then?

  6. Have recently just started to read your blog, which I came to via Ollie Bray's site; noted that you commented on my post about Foinaven;cheers! I have been experimenting with blogs and am trying evolve a look and a philosophy as I go along, taking ideas from excellent sites I have come across. Interested to read your various categories, like "acting" and "buddhism", for example. I think that's what I lie about blogs-the sheer eclecticism of them!
    Hope there will be plenty more cross fertilisation in the blogosphere over the coming months. Enjoy your holiday!


  7. Hi Jim :) Glad you've found some things of interest here. The holiday is fabulous. Just off to cut the grass as we are enjoying a brief dry spell.


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