Glow goes Web 2.0

Someone has been listening :)

 I've just been into the phase 3 version of the Glow portal, and they have included instructions to insert rss feeds into pages.  The way to do it is rather circuitous, but at least it is now doable.  I've tested it with a couple of feeds, and it seems to work fine.

The "glowing potential" bit has a page showing how to insert external web sites into pages, and they have use our as one of the examples.  Very flattering ;)


  1. LOL - worried that someone might take it off John? It would really make more sense to embed the rss feed rather than the whole site, tbh

  2. Worried never, but it is nice to have a backup;-)
    Certainly rss would make more sense, they seem to be using a 3rd party rss javascript widget for that.
    The blog or wiki embedding is just a frame so you could use any webpage. I guess ethically you would need to have permission to display a webpage, rss being designed for distribution is less problematic as I see it.

  3. Perhaps. Do we constitute a quorum for given that unasked-for consent? ;)

  4. [...] opportunity to import RSS!!! But Jonsieboy has quite rightly stolen my thunder on that one! All bodes well for EduBuzz, I [...]


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