Facebook not good shock! horror!

I enjoyed this tirade against Facebook:
I hope you’re beginning to see the light. This is your life, and it’s ending one click at a time. Facebook brings out the worst in people. You put so much time and energy into something that makes you a worse person. Do you WANT this? I’m surprised you’ve made it this far into the article without changing tabs to check if someone wrote on your wall…

Reading things like this makes me feel immensely glad to be past the intensely social years of my youth.  Not that I'm a recluse exactly, nor do I have one foot in the grave, but folk in long-term relationships in their forties don't really have the same frenetic drive to socialise as single folk in their twenties!  I have plenty of good friends, and not enough time to see them all regularly enough, so the expansion of my social circle is not a high priority for me (not that I am averse to making new friends!).  Nor do I care so much about what people think about me.

The construction of a social identity for one's self has always been a potentially fraught journey (but also potentially exciting and fun!) - it seems to me that it might be more fraught now than ever, and I'm glad to be past it :)

This post makes me sound like a tedious old sod - am I bothered?


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