Have you used ScotEduBlogs.org.uk?

John and I are going to be talking about ScotEduBlogs.org.uk at BarCampScotland on Saturday.

I'm trying to put together a brief presentation, including feedback from users, so If you've used the site I'd really appreciate it if you could take the time to comment here on whether or not you have found it useful. Be honest!


  1. "A great example of educators collaborating for the common good. By it's nature, it encourages readers and bloggers to widen their scope, and in fostering a sort of community, it encourages blog comments."

  2. Well, for what it's worth, I think the site is probably one of the best ways to introduce someone to education blogging. I have put ScotEduBlogs on my aggregator and I browse through it almost every day getting a flavour for what is happening in schools across Scotland (and beyond). It's a great advert for the work, enthusiasm and reflective practice of Scottish teachers.

  3. Thanks guys! I'll be sure to give your blogs a plug on the presentation ;)

  4. I treat Scotedublogs as my blogging newspaper that tells mw what is going on out in Blog land. Like all newspaper reading you scan the headlines and select what is interesting to read. I have learnt many innovative concepts from delving into blogs that I would normal ignore. What I would like to ask is why does it not always show all latest blogs? The reason I know this is I have placed posts on various blogs that are subscribed to this and they do not appear!!!


  5. Hi Sharon. Great to hear that you're finding ScotEduBlogs.org.uk useful.

    The most recent 10 posts are shown on the front page, and the system checks every hour or so for new posts (we will be able to do this much more frequently if we get funding for a separate server for scotedublogs!). If more than 10 posts are produced in an hour, not all of them will make it on to the front page. They should appear in the feed though. I'll double check on this though :)


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