Have you claimed your blog on Technorati?

I've been pondering ways to implement some of the remaining planned features in  scotedublogs.org.uk.

To this end, I'm wondering  - how many folk in the scotedublogs world have Technorati profiles, and have claimed their blogs with Technorati?  I'm rather hoping that the answer will be "most of us", because I would like to integrate information from Technorati into scotedublogs.org.uk rather than asking bloggers to replicate information they have already submitted to Technorati.  Please vote and let me know :)


  1. me too.
    But I've never registered any of my schools blogs.

  2. Claimed my blog ages ago. I find technorati very useful.

  3. I have too. I think most people who use WordPress will have at least looked at it because of the link on the dashboard.

  4. OK - good to see some folk are using it. Yesterday evening I wrote a non-too-precise script to find out how many of the scotedublogs.org.uk blogs where claimed already, and came up with something like 40-60 out of the 272 blogs in the system. Interestingly though, recently updated blogs were much more likely to have been claimed than dormant blogs.


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