Geogebra - a little from me and a lot from elsewhere!

This morning I have been working on Geogebra. It is a fantastic dynamic geometry/algebra package and has two killer features:

  1. It is Open Source, free and cross-platform, so all students and teachers can install it at home

  2. It has one-click publish to Web, so it is really easy to make dynamic resources available on-line

I produced this screencast, showing how to use sliders to control objects in a worksheet:


More importantly, though, I discovered Geogebra at JotSpot which has an awesome collection of screencasts, tutorials and pdf cheatsheets. Check it out!


  1. I tried leaving a comment earlier, but something went wrong. I "discovered" geogebra last semester, and used it couple of times. My attempts were pathetic, but at least I showed my students that there is stuff out there that they can use in their classrooms. I vowed I'd learn more. So, this is great. Thanks a lot. But I have one question: How do you make movies??? Thanks, e.

  2. Hi e! I have been using either CamStudio on WIndows or XVIDcap on Linux (just type sudo apt-get install xvidcap, relax and be glad that you use Ubuntu!). Both are free and Open Source. I've saved by screencasts as .flv files, then used the Wordtube plugin to slot them into my blog.

  3. Super sweet! Thanks. I better start working.

  4. Cool! BTW, are you "e" as in E's Ponderings? If so, you are in my feed reader :)

  5. I am indeed. Likewise :) You know what I mean.


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