The Web let me down

We came across this vintage bit of electronics today, whilst doing some early spring cleaning:
Handy Intercom

Handy Intercom Box

This handy intercom works perfectly, and has a cable about 10m long. It's an awesome retro toy, ideal for re-enacting Moneypenny scenes from Bond, or Reggie Perrin moments!

I thought I'd try to find out something about it on the Web, but have drawn a complete blank. I can't even find any reference to "Eagle Products" as purveyors of quality electronic office goods. Most disappointing :(


  1. I had the *same* ones when I was wee. They were fantastic, although they had a funny smell when they had been in operation for a while. Probably some poisonous material on the speakers. What I loved was when you half-pressed the button you got that TJ Hooker type "chschschs' noise. Oh, those were the days...

  2. Spooky! I can't say I've noticed the smell, but I know what you mean about the noise :)

    I'm trying to work out when they were manufactured - did you get them new, or were they things that had always been there in your house?

  3. We still use very similar ones to these in the physics department here !!!

  4. Eagle still make small, 4 channel battery operated mono mixers. I think it is now a Japanese company whoi still use the Eagle name... Bought one (mixer) last year for school use.

  5. Hah - so maybe my intercoms aren't quite the collector's items I hoped!


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