Google Video and YouTube maths videos

These videos sites have some interesting educational stuff in amongst the copyright clips and shots of people hurting themselves. The first 6 minutes of this clip from Google video would be useful as revision for my S3 credit class:


and this one from YouTube (not viewable in East Lothian schools I'm afraid) is good revision for an S4 general class:


There are hundreds if not thousands of these videos.  You could probably put together a complete set of revision clips for every Scottish maths course if you so desired :)


  1. During the k12 online conference Jeanne and I created a wiki about using Math Videos. is the site and please feel free to add to it.

    Great post. Thanks

  2. Another great idea of mine than someone else had already :)

    The wiki looks really useful. I wonder what the smartest way would be to tie them into UK/Scottish standards? It feels like there ought to be a web2balicious tagging way of doing it.

  3. Do you think they would work on a video iPod-type screen? Maths as a subject doesn't lend itself to audio podcasting, but with video things could be different. Has anyone tried?

  4. Great idea David. I'll give it a go tonight on my creative mp3/video player.

  5. What if you or we tagged the videos that were found with common tags that would help organize them into different countries curriculum. At the wiki one could place tags beside each video. then it is universal.(my tag, your tag, their tag)

    Just thinking outloud.



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