My son and I are sitting in Cafe Bleu enjoying the free hotspot and waiting for Ellis Brigham to open so we can get some essentials for our day's boarding.  The weather is a bit grey but the road to the Lecht is open!  Can't wait!


  1. It looks like Gordon McKinlay is also up there enjoying the wifi at the moment. Have you spotted any other edubloggers sipping their lattes?

  2. Let me know what the snow is like. I am contemplating it next weekend myself. Make sure you boarders don't create any sideways collisions for us skiers now! lol ;)

  3. It was Gordon's tip that brought me to the Cafe Bleu Ewan :)

    Cairngorm was great today Tess. Ptarmigan Bowl, Ciste Fairway, Traverse and Upper Cas all in splendid nick. The Lecht was slushy glue yesterday.

  4. I am glad you enjoyed Caffe Bleu - they seem to have managed to get a fair amount of free advertising over the weekend!


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