5 Things I Stopped Believing Long Ago

Please read the title again before proceeding :)This is a list of 5 beliefs I no longer hold. Some of them just turned out not to be true - others I've changed my mind about. Some I'm glad to have shed, others I kind of miss.

Academic achievement is an important measure of a person.

When you do well in exams it's easy to get sucked into this one.

Music would be changed forever by the release of "To here knows when" by My Bloody Valentine.

I still think it should have been! Here's the video for you to enjoy:

Belief in God is irrational - one of my teenage certainties!

Gathering in clubs to dance to repetitive electronic beats would be a passing fad.

Hah! What did I know back in 1990?

The News. Alas.

Any other takers willing to 'fess up?


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