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The Scotedublogs wiki has become the de facto place to find Scottish edubloggers or to announce your own blog's arrival on the scene. It has done a great job, but is beginning to outgrow its current wiki format.

One key reason why our blogging community has flourished where so many previous attempts to develop an on-line community of teachers have failed is this: we built and continue to build the community ourselves.

I am therefore delighted to be able to say that we are continuing this tradition by building our own exciting new hub for our community: I am working with Peter, John and others from the Scottish edublogging community to produce

This site already provides the following:

  • A directory of Scottish edublogs, viewable by authority or by tags

  • The facility to add new blogs

  • Colour-coding of blogs based on recency of last post (red=hot!)

  • A quick view of recent posts for each blog

  • The facility to add tags to blogs

  • The facility to export an OPML file of any of the lists of blogs you view - this file can be imported into a feed reader so that you instantly add all the chosen blogs to your reader.

  • An overall view of what's new via a dynamically updated list of the latest posts from any of the blogs in the system.

In the very near future you will be able to add blogs and [it does this now] create your own custom feeds in the site for use in your feed reader. For example, you could create a feed of all the posts from maths blogs, or the feeds from all Glasgow pupil blogs.

The site will also produce statistics to analyse what the community is talking about, how much we are talking and how often we are posting.

The current site is still very "beta", but is already providing a useful resource. More importantly, it is demonstrating the power of the Open Source development model by utilizing the combined talents of many members of our community to produce a tool that will help the community to flourish and grow.

If you would like to help with this project, please join the discussion group. The development process is completely open, and we are keen to get input from as many members of the community as possible. Check out the site, and let us know what impresses you, what you would change and how you can help. :)

If you would like to see the code that makes it all happen, you can visit the repository. In fact, if you so desired you could grab a copy of the code, set up your own version of scotedublogs and change it to suit yourself. This is what Open Source means - it's much, much more than just being zero-cost, or sharing your data via feeds.


  1. This is a nice bit of work Robert! I look forward to being able to add my own feed. If you think I might be able to help drop me an email, but I no nothing about code etc... See you soon, Ollie

  2. Cheers Ollie.

    You weren't on there!?! That's a disgrace which I have fixed :) It'll be half an hour or so before the system gets around to updating from your rss feed.

    Any feedback you can give as a user of the system will be very helpful. Also we need to publicise this as widely as possible once it has the remaining bits of functionality in place, so if you could help with that when the time came it would be great :)

  3. Looking really good - I'll have a proper poke around tomorrow. Nice work!

  4. Cheers Ewan. Lots of it does nothing at the moment, but I did just implement the adding of blogs, so I'll be interested to see how that goes :)

  5. This looks like a big step forward - well done all. I've joined the group and hope I'll be able to add something!

  6. more features when I get my code to go back to the repositry! Well done to Robert for getting this moving!

  7. Scotedublogs - A New Hub for Scottish Educational Blogs...

    I just want to point to Robert's post about Scotedublogs - A New Hub for Scottish Educational Blogs which is pretty wonderful news.
    Teachers doing it for themselves;-)
    What is great about this project, like the Scotedublogs wiki is the fact that an...

  8. Hi David I missed your comment yesterday. Feel free to chip in with suggestions in the discussion group - many brains make hard problems easy :)

  9. Oh Dear Oh Dear!!!!

    Has the Glow team seen this site? They will be glowing the colour of Birdseye peas!

    More thoughts when I get back from sunny Madeira.

  10. You ain't seen nothing yet Bob. Peter is working away at a feverish rate to add functionality to the blogs page, whilst I'm trailing along behind offering advice, tidying up here and there and trying to look busy :)

    I hope the Glow team will be pleased to see a positive development like this - we're all in this together, after all.

  11. I think the Glow team will be chuffed that this is happening but green with envy, Bob? As Robert says education is why we are here, not for US or THEM to provide the top one-stop-shop but to improve the education of our learners, be they 3-18 years, over 18s, teachers, parents...

    What I would hope is that the ScotEduBlogs system is integrable into the Glow portal if the user chooses so. In principle it's possible through the XML editor but it's still not 'one-click' enough for me. Once the portal becomes public properly I look forward to seeing a lot more individuals writing content for it to make it a truly national portal and not the portal of one or two organisations.


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