Courmayeur 2007 - we made it!

It's over! I'm too tired to say much, other than that it went well, and that being responsible for the safety, enjoyment and learning of 149 people was an intense, draining and fascinating experience. I'm glad to be relieved of that responsibility now though! Here's a wee video clip of one of the boys getting over-ambitious on a wee kicker we built:



  1. Well done Robert – I am sure that you had a great week away and that all of the staff and pupil’s enjoyed the experience. Although some people might think your mad to take such a large group away. I, like you, believe in the huge value of outdoor and residential education in the development of young people. I’m sure the snowboarding / skiing was great as well! See you soon, Ollie.

  2. Congratulations Robert,
    Maybe you could comment on the accuracy of How mad must I be to be taking 124 kids across Europe in coaches to ski?;-)
    I voted for the bonkers option.

  3. Cheers John. Hard to comment on the madness vote - I think in hindsight that it was a great idea, but that maybe just proves that I'm bonkers :)

  4. You counted them all out and you counted them all back - well done and thanks.

  5. Thanks Don. There was indeed a huge amount of counting going on!


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