Blogging for Beginners - OPML - Collections of Feeds

So you've read the earlier Blogging for Beginners posts in this series, and you've set yourself up with a feed reader? Maybe you're wondering where to find the good stuff to subscribe to?

One solution is to gradually build up a list of blog feeds based on the people you know, folk that comment on your blog etc. This is an important part of the process, and what I'm about to tell you won't do away with that feed-by-feed addition of blogs to your feed reader - finding interesting blogs and subscribing to them is part of the fun of blogging!

The shortcut solution is to find a list of blogs relevant to your interests and add them all to your feed reader in one go. Lists of feeds can be stored in a format that your feed reader can import automatically - this format is called OPML.

So, where do you find OPML files to import into your feed reader? Well, one good place is Technorati, where you can grab the results of a blog search in an OPML file. For example, this page lists 83 blogs about geography, and you could import them all into your feed reader in one go using the OPML link on the page.

If you are in the Scottish Education world, I'd like to plug the blogs page, which enables you grab OPML files of Scottish education blogs filtered by authority and tags

One word of warning - go easy with OPML, and think about putting imports into suitably named subfolders in your feed reader. Otherwise it's easy to get swamped!


  1. I'm sure you said you were going skiing & too busy to blog. These Blogging for Beginners posts have been really useful - thank you!

  2. I did and I am! I had a sudden burst of enthusiasm at 7 this morning though. Bloggin took my mind off the enormity of what I am about to undertake.

    Glad you're still finding these posts useful. If you have any comments about the scotedublogs site I'd be delighted to hear them - good, bad or indifferent!

  3. Great work with Scotedublogs.


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