No brownie points for Micro$oft today.

Aaaargh... I finished typing a beautifully crafted email to all maths teachers in East Lothian this afternoon, and clicked on "send." I was working in Microsoft Outlook Web Access. Can you guess? Timed out! No auto-saving, whole email lost, I had to start from scratch. How silly of me to spend more than 10 minutes writing an email! Jeeeez

So anyway, I've just about finished rewriting it, but I decided to save and take a break before sending it. I checked my gmail and got a link to this:

I love this bit:
As a best practice, users should always exercise extreme caution when opening unsolicited attachments from both known and unknown sources.

In other words, opening any Word document that you didn't create yourself is a very risky business. Wow! I think I'll be sending back any Word attachments with a link to this announcement until a patch is issued and school applies the patch to the machines I use. At home I'm mostly on Linux and OpenOffice. I sleep soundly at night :)


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