Ho ho ho

I'm afraid it's happened already - the tree is up in our living room!  My wife gets a free tree as a perk of being employed by the Foresty Commission, and this weekend was the only time we were free to go collect it before the holidays.

So here it is - a picture of minimalist subtlety as ever :)



  1. I got back from school on Friday to find the tree up! Apparently Friday was the 1st, and Nikkii was waiting!

  2. You've both given me an excuse to go and get mine today. I realised this weekend that if we didn't get it soon I would only see it for three days before Christmas since I'm away on work. You've no idea how happy you've made me... ;-)

  3. Bah....humbug! Or has someone used that phrase before? ;-)

    I'm only annoyed because my daughter has decreed (!) that we can't put our tree up until she is there to direct operations, and she won't be home until the Friday before Christmas - so the three days before Christmas it looks like for us!

  4. John beat me to it but I want to say it so will - "bah, humbug"! Ours will go up next week sometime (also like John, probably when number one daughter comes home for Christmas - but that's the middle of next week).

    Oh, the joys.

  5. All join in now..."Ding dong merrily on high..." :)

  6. For what it's worth, 'Bah humbug!' has long since been corrupted into 'Hum Bawbag!' in our house...

    I'll get me coat...

  7. Worth a chuckle :) Thanks for that Neil.


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