Dapper just blew my mind


I just stumbled upon Dapper.

Incredible. Just incredible. I'm too gobsmacked to explain it properly - let me just show you what I did in 10 minutes:

this link is an RSS feed of all the blogs listed on the front page of exc-el on the right hand side. Whenever David Gilmour adds another blog to the list, the RSS feed will dynamically pick it up. Let me be clear here. Exc-el does not automatically produce an RSS feed of all its blogs. Dapper is looking at the page and doing some smart analysis to grab all the links in the section containing the blogs. It then automatically packages up that information as an RSS feed.

Want more?

this link is the URL for a netvibes module of the same information.

If I wanted to I could have also grabbed the blogs on the top left too - just didn't have time.

Sweet...very sweet. I feel a bit dizzy with the potential of it. I remember feeling like this before, quite recently, but I can't quite remember what it was about. Ruby on Rails maybe?
My next project is to produce an RSS feed from the scotedublogs wiki - unless someone else fancies doing it as a wee warm-up exercise? :)


  1. I can see this is going to blow a hole in my weekend. You're getting the blame when the family complain...

  2. LOL - it's wisnae me :)

  3. Here's another quick bit of candy: an rss feed of the edubloggers that Ewan links to in his sidebar. Now you can keep on top of Ewan's top education blogs without actually having to read his blog ;)

    What do you think Ewan - too much?

  4. Well, there's a lot more that's not on the sidebar. We are in the process of putting together feeds based around certain types of Excel blogs rather than the feed of the whole thing - a bit OTT for most users. We're also looking at things other than blogs, of course, which mostly carry RSS feeds so it'll be an interesting river of information. It's certainly a useful tool for keeping track of things from outside the admin dashboard of the blog engine.

  5. Sure Ewan - it'll be great to get some more sophisticated RSS feeds from exc-el. I just used the exc-el front page as an example of the way Dapper allows you to scrape data from Web pages in a semantic manner.

    Here's a feed of the blogs listed in the East Lothian section of scotedublogs, as another example.

  6. Hio

    I wrote a program that created an OPML file for all the links tagged "scot-edu-blog" on del.icio.us but it'd be nicer to use something like dapper :)

    As always I've not finished the OPML think but will post about it when I do. THanks for the heads up about dapper though. looks good.

  7. Nice idea Peter. I look forward to seeing the results of your labours :)

  8. [...] tools now starting to appear which explicitly support the remixing activity, such as Dapper (thanks Robert) or Yahoo Pipes (thanks again Robert!). It’s early days in this area, but there’s no [...]


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