Services I want (and I want them now!)

A "Northern Lights" alert service

This service will text my mobile phone if there's likely to be a show where I live. Here in East Lothian I've seen them once, but I'm pretty sure that I've missed them several other times.

Northern Lights
Northern lights by Nick Russill

Intelligent blog searching

I want a blog search tool that delivers me RSS feeds of my searches, but learns from what I tell it about the sites it finds. Simple "more like this" or "not what I'm looking for" buttons beside the results that will fine tune future searches, along with a "near misses" button to show me some results that it thinks probably aren't what I'm looking for, so that I can highlight any that actually are relevant. This tool would solve Ian's Islay problem

Of course I don't want to pay for these services, and I want a big fat cheque from anyone that provides these services because they were my idea :D

Anyone else got any "must have" services?


  1. They're not your idea - I heard at least four companies also proclaiming it was their idea today (see my point: You already get blog posts that allow you to say how useful they were for you (in Vox, for example) and, as such, your information dwindles to more and more relevant stuff. Sorry to kill your startup ;-) Get that IP patent in the next time!

  2. Cool - it's the service I want really, not the cash! So where should Ian and I be looking for that intelligent blog search tool?

  3. I have still never seen the northern lights although I have them on the radio often enough. If you live in the right part of the country to see them and you have access to amateur radio kit then you can actually hear the build up. All you need then is for software defined radio (the latest thing in the ham world) hooled up to a text service and you are cooking!

  4. How's that work then - static or something like that? Sounds interesting....I googled "software defined radio" and lo-and-behold a whole new world opens up before my eyes! Actually I should have googled before I posted, as I just found AuroraWatch which does exactly what I want!!!

    So, I just need a URL for intelligent blog searching and I'll be sorted....'til the next itch :)

  5. This what you're looking for maybe:

  6. Cheers Ewan - I've got an invite and I'll have a play tonight.


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