Maths Formula Test

[tex]\Large f(x)=\int_{-\infty}^x e^{-t^2}dt[/tex]

Just testing that a funky new plugin to render maths formulae is working :)

Couldn't resist squeezing in another example:

[tex]\sum_{r=1}^{n}r=\frac12 n(n+1)[/tex]


  1. Hello. This is pretty cool, how would someone like me go about doing that? SJ

  2. Latex and funky.... in the same post?! ;-)

  3. Hmm... it does rather stretch the meaning of "funky" doesn't it?

    The plugin is here:

    To make it work I had to comment out the require Snoopy line in the plugin script.

  4. Hi Jonesieboy. Looks great but is snoopy not a black and white dog (Translated: you lost me when you started talking about snoopy lines in plugin scripts). We need to have a serious chat at some point so you can bring me up to speed.

    Cheers dude

    I like the sound of latex!

  5. Hi Craig. I'm talking to David Gilmour about setting this up for exc-el blogs. Getting it working for comments may be a bit trickier. Meanwhile, you'll be wanting to mug up on LaTEX markup - here's a good place to start:

    Unfortunately it doesn't work in comment - hey I just fixed it so it does!  Man, being a geek is so useful!

  6. Thanks for the link Robert. Very Useful. I'm just getting into my laTEX and it's time for bed unfortunately. See you tomorrow.

  7. [...] [...]

  8. According to the typographical pedants who wrote the specification, it should be typed as [tex]\LaTeX [/tex] or LaTeX in ordinary text. Nice though

  9. Phew - I've finally found out why plus signs were getting chomped - it was to do with the fancy comment posting done by this theme - 3K2. Once I disabled it, everything worked fine. As a final test:



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