How will we deal with success?

The Scottish edublogosphere (that's a mouthful!) seems to be growing at an amazing rate.  As a relative latecomer to the party, I was welcomed and encouraged.  I guess that now I am one of around 20-40 blogging education department employees in East Lothian. It's a cozy little crowd :)

I wonder how it will feel when we have 200-400 staff blogging?  I'm very excited by the prospect, but am also aware that we will need to think about how we, as a community, manage that expansion if we are going maintain a sense of community. I would like the 401st blogger to have as positive an experience as I have had.
What do you all reckon?


  1. Hi Robert,
    A post is probably due on this. I've been working with David at designing a place where people can go do tap into the part of the community that interests them most. Even if half the authority blog I'll only be interested in small pockets of that. What I need is a tool to take me to them easily. That's what we're designing. We could probably do with some of your programming skills, though, to make it become a true success. There's a limit to what Java can do ;-)

  2. Designing a web based tool -that sounds right up my street! I look forward to hearing more :)

  3. As a very new blogger (3 posts and counting) I am very heartened by my limited experiences within East Lothian. Positive feedback and comments from fellow bloggers help enormously. It is encouraging when the Head of Education can show an interest in practise at the "chalkface" and take time out to comment. The only drawback I have encountered is the sheer volume of blogs I have found myself reading. Most of them are thouroghly engaging and lets face it, way more interesting than writing S3 reports!

  4. Hi Neil. Glad to hear that you've had a positive experience. Are you up on RSS feeds? They are the only way to keep on top of the blogosphere and still have a life!


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