Florida eat yer heart out

I am most disappointed that skiing is still top of my current poll, despite some blatant vote-rigging on my part.  If more snowboarders don't start voting I'll have to post a link on one of the snowboarding forums. That'll sort you two-plankers out ;)

By the way, I was at Xscape in Braehead this afternoon.  Great fun.  Unfortunately none of the jumps were open, but it was still a good laugh.  Beats Dendix!


  1. Hi Robert, where can I get a 'vote plugin' for my blog?

    On the Skiing debate, the 'planks' are superior to the 'tray' any day!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hi Tess. LOL - I wonder how many folk reading this know the full expressions you allude to ;)

    A vote plugin is already available in the exc-el wordpress setup. Not sure how you'd get one for a blogspot blog I'm afraid. BTW - did you notice that the vote rigging's coming along nicely now?

  3. LOL! No worries Robert.

    Watch this space on your vote. I might have to send a circular to all my ski buddies!

    I will leave you to your 'tray'


  4. Bring it on :)

  5. Ok, thats it.

    I am forced into a position where I have no choice. Give my blog a click later tonight!!!



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