Computer training - 11 year old style

After finally getting around to googling how to "show desktop" on the ibook that I received fairly recently (I'm really a Linux man at heart), I showed my 11 year old son. "Look what happens when you press F11" I said to him. "Yeah - I knew that" he replied, unimpressed. I asked him how he had found this out and he said "at school we just pressed all the keys to see what they did." Obvious really!



  1. You've always known your son was far better than you at everything!

  2. Your son's got the right idea. I've always found that kind of curiousity a rich source of useful knowledge. It was amazing what you found with a product from pre-PC days called the Digital Equipment All-In-1 office system. Odd key combinations would bring up all sorts of useful stuff on screen, providing a useful peek behind the scenes. The real keyboard whizzes could at one time, it was rumoured, crash the server by creative use of unusual terminal key sequences. Happy days!

  3. F9 thru 12 are all nice.
    I especially like f11 to show the desktop grab a file let the key go and drop it in the current applications window.
    You will probably like the next rev of the mac os:
    Riding Rails: Ruby on Rails will ship with OS X 10.5 (Leopard).


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