Another take on blogging with classes

My colleague Craig Stebbing has recently seen the light and begun to keep a blog to use with his maths classes: Stebblog. He is using it in a way that I haven't seen before. Rather than it being a scribe post blog, it is a place where he posts homework assignments. He is encouraging his classes to post questions about the homework as comments. Then either he or other students can reply to the questions.

The pupils seem quite enthusiastic about this, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out. I suspect that in time Craig may decide to run a separate blog in which to reflect upon how things are going.
Meanwhile, I spent some time on Wednesday helping Paul Goodall at PL to set up a class blog for his S5 maths class. I'll post the URL once he's got started properly.


  1. Thanks for mentioning Stebblog Robert. Any publicity is very much appreciated. I'd just like to stress that it's in an infant stage at the moment. The two classes I am piloting it with seem keen on the idea and are starting to participate. The majority only got told yesterday and today. I hope to have more interaction over the next few days with my S4 class who will be revising this weekend. I've encouraged them to post any problems they have as a comment and hopefully I, or even better another pupil will be able to help. My classes also thought that collaboration from from other schools may be a nice idea. I'd be apreciative of any ideas people have. Thanks again.


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