A brief encounter

I recently had a brief on-line encounter with a Turkish (I think) gentleman called Barış Evrim Demiröz. Before you say anything - no, it wasn't that kind of encounter! He and I are both able to program PHP - the language used to create the Wordpress blogging system you are viewing right now.

Anyhoo - David Gilmour emailed me to say that he was exploring the possibility of incorporating a plugin into the exc-el wordpress installation that would allow users to put [tex]\LaTeX[/tex] into their posts. This inspired me search the Web, and I came across this site, which offered just such a plugin. After a bit of playing around, I decided that i would be better to use the adapted version created by Barış (a complete stranger to me).
Having successfully installed this, I then realised that it only worked for posts, not for comments. "Surely it wouldn't be too hard to go in under the bonnet and make it do comments too?" I thought to myself.

A couple of hours later, I realised that it was indeed very easy, and emailed Barış to tell him that I had implemented this improvement to the code. He emailed back to say thanks, and stuck the new version on his blog.

I'm now trying to fix a wee bug that has popped up - I found out about the bug because someone posted a comment about it on Barış's blog.

All fairly minor stuff, and I would probably not have given it much thought, had Barış not said, in his email:
Sometimes I get dizzy when I think about the culture on internet,
we dont know each other but we did produce something. Weird.

Weird and wonderful, Barış :)


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