The mother of all introductions to Web 2.0

If you've been wondering what tools are available on-line for educators, look no further than this amazing post from Brian Benzinger. I've only read part 1 of 3 so far. Looking forward to seeing what comes next :)


  1. Being new to this blogging thing and having flitted from post to post, I came across this article about Web 2.0. My immediate response was of course, "what's this all about?". Your tags led me some way to finding out, as did your link, but i did the Web 2.0 thing and I googled "Web 2.0" and came across this fascinating 5 page article.

    I also have to thank you for my baptism in RoR and the Agile concept (also very Web 2.0)


  2. I'll have to check out that link Dave. Glad to hear that you've seen the light with Ruby on Rails. We must get together to chat about it.


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